We are looking for highly motivated and qualified postdoctoral fellows to join a dynamic and interdisciplinary team. Our long-term goal is to develop systems biology approaches to gain mechanistic insights into development and cancer. Two positions are currently open, each focusing on one of the following areas.

1. Single Cell Genomics. The postdoctoral fellow will develop and apply computational methods for analyzing single-cell gene expression data (including both sequencing and imaging based data types). The objectives are to systematically characterize cellular state heterogeneity dynamics in development and cancer, to investigate cell state-environment interactions, and to study cancer treatment response at the single-cell resolution.

2. Systems Biology. The postdoctoral fellow will develop and apply computational methods for analyzing and integrating transcriptomic, genomic, and epigenomic information. The objectives are to elucidate gene regulatory networks underlying cell-type and developmental-stage specificity and to characterize the biological function of human genome. A current focus is to dissect the structural and functional organization of 3D chromatin.

Qualifications. We encourage candidates with diverse background to apply. The applicant may either hold a PhD degree in quantitative science with strong interest to develop computational methods for solving biomedical problems, or hold a PhD/MD degree in biology/medicine with strong interest to develop/apply systems biology approaches. The ideal candidates will have strong programming and communication skills and prior experience in analyzing omic scale data.

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